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Let's get Wealthy together!

Updated: Apr 13

Welcome, It's Time To Talk Mental Wealth!

Hey there, I'm Jalessa! I wear many hats - a mom, a wife, a Christian, and an entrepreneur. I've been utilizing mental health services for a while now, as I've been on my own healing journey. On top of that, I work as a mental health therapist, addictions counselor, and clinical supervisor for other therapists. So yes, this is yet another blog focused on improving mental health, but the reason behind it all sets it apart.

My Why?

About 5 years ago, I started on my path to healing, a couple of years after becoming a licensed therapist. I had thought about going to therapy before, but never really took that next step. I did attend a session about 4 years before starting my healing journey, but I don't really count that experience. During grad school, I decided to go for it and sat down with a therapist to open up about my story. During our conversation, she asked me a simple but profound question - "what is your goal?" At that moment, I was unsure how to answer. Just saying I wanted to feel better, do better, and be better didn't seem like enough. Looking back now, I see that figuring out what I truly wanted and needed to work on was a crucial part of my journey towards healing.

Isn't feeling "better" just the beginning? For me, it's never been enough! I've never been one to do things small. Everything I tackle, I do it in a big way! Just take a look at my life - I couldn't stop at just one child, I went ahead and multiplied it by four!

This blog is my heart laid bare. It is the culmination of my painstaking journey towards healing, a journey filled with hardships and triumphs. Through my own struggles and the work I do with others, I have come to realize that simply learning to cope and heal is good, but learning to truly thrive in every aspect of life is nothing short of miraculous!

What's Next?

In 2008, a new term called 'mental wealth' was introduced in the United Kingdom. It refers to the combined cognitive and emotional resources of individuals in a society. The idea is that in order to enhance 'mental wealth', countries should focus on investing in things like healthcare, education, and social programs that help people build and maintain their mental well-being. It's all about nurturing and growing each person's mental 'capital'. Isn't that a neat concept?

In this blog, we will focus on sharing tips, strategies, and personal experiences to help you prosper mentally by increasing awareness, debunking stigmas, and normalizing mental wealth. I intend to publish a blog each week. This content is for everyone. Whether you are unsure about the need to enhance your mental health, just starting your mental wellness journey, or have been on this lifelong journey for some time like myself, let's talk mental wealth! Here's a sneak peek at the first set of posts that you can look forward to:

  1. Quick Tips for Enhancing Mental Wealth


  3. What I Wish I Had Known Back Then

  4. Self Care On a Budget

  5. Making "You" Time When You Don't Have Any Time

  6. Stories From The Mentally Wealthy

  7. Boost Your Wealth By Focusing on These 6 Key Areas of Capital

  8. Things You Should Know Before Starting Therapy

  9. How Practicing Gratitude Can Bring Abundance Into Your Life

  10. Things You Never Knew About Social Workers

Wealth, by definition, is the possession of an abundance of something. Mental wealth surpasses mental health by concentrating on enhancing resources, skills, knowledge, and attitudes that can assist you in achieving success in all areas of your life. I will leave you with a quote and two questions. First, the same question that my first therapist asked me: "What is your goal?" and is achieving that goal enough?

And for the quote: "Success is not what you have, it's what you are."- Charlamagne tha God

Please share this blog with others and leave a comment.....let's talk wealth!

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